Strategic consultancy

 Data analysis of previous editions such as attendance, income and expenditure

 Advice on the determination of registration, exhibition and sponsorship fees

Financial management and advising (budget elaboration and monitoring, invoicing, incomes collection, expenses management and monitoring, clearance of accounts and elaboration of the accounting records)

Photo of light bulbs group with shining fibers in a shape of Event Management, Logistics, Target, Creativity and Media concept related words isolated on black background
Registration ACEEEO_26_5

Registration. Personal care to every attendee

 Online registration management

 Invoicing and payment control and monitoring

 Personalized assistance to participants

Scientific content and speakers. The key for success for increasing attendance

Online management abstracts reception, evaluation and confirmation process

Assistance to chairpersons, speakers (including the coordination of travel, transfers and accommodation)

Planning and organization of the oral and poster sessions

Advising on the publication of the abstract book

 Onsite coordination of the oral and poster sessions

Venue ACEEEO_26_186

Venue. Strategic point for the success of your meeting

 Advising on the selection of venue

 Negotiation with the venues in order to get the most advantageous economic agreements

 Colloboration with the venues of all the necessary aspects for an excellent development of the meeting

Sponsorship and exhibition. Our aim is to maximize the ROI for all stakeholders involved

Management of the data base of potential sponsors/exhibitors

 Hiring of the space needed for the commercial exhibition

 Elaboration of a floor plan with the distribution of the stands

 Elaboration of a promotional dossier for sponsors and exhibitors

Promotion and sell of the sponsorship packages and stands

Invoicing and payment control and monitoring

Coordination and supervision of the exhibition assembly

Onsite assistance to sponsors and exhibitors

Tech equipmentDSC_0336

Technical equipment, design, other services. Trustful suppliers are on our disposal


 Technical equipment

 Auxiliary staff and hostesses

 Stands set up

 Printing or digital recording

 Signage and decoration


Social program. Creativeness- the key for success

 Planification and organization of the social and accompanying program

 Hiring of the venues and other required service

Social programBANSKO_10.09.2016 (194)
International Conference Center taken from the front of the Yokohama Minato Mirai

Housing. Hotel search for the best guaranteed rates

 Identification of the closest hotels to the venue of the Congresses and room block if required

 Negotiation of the most advantageous hotel rates for the Congresses

 Online management of the hotel reservations

Marketing and communication. Advice in marketing and communication

 Meeting website

 Meeting App


 Social media 24/7

WhatsApp mailing

Elaboration of a promotion strategy in meetings related to the specialization

Social media and young people network concept. Modern graphic interface showing online social connection network and media channels to engage customer interaction in the digital business.